Triangle NC DMR Server

In order to improve the Triangle NC Network, we have now added a DMR Server to our Network.  This server is available to all our members free of any and all cost.  Members have been given instructions to connect to the server and below is a list of available talk groups currently active on our server.  This Server has a direct Open Bridge connection to the BrandMeister network.

The purpose of this Server is to allow our members to communicate regardless of what is going on with the BrandMeister Network.  It also allows us to have a DMR TAC Channel that only Triangle NC Members will have access to.

Want to become a Triangle NC Member?

We are open to new members, there are no dues or fees to join us.  You just have to understand what we are about, and like it.  We are NOT a typical HAM Radio Group.  We tend to talk to each other like we are sitting in a bar having a cold drink.  We don’t use terms like HI HI, Good Luck in the Contest. We like to pick on each other, and you will have to be able to take it as well as dish it out.

Once you have joined us on a regular bases and want to become a Members, we will talk about it with the other active Members and then you will receive the Server Information.  We will never ask for Money or other Membership dues, that is not what we are about. We are about having fun on a radio of your choice.

Want more information?  It is easy, join us on Triangle NC (31371) through the BrandMeister network or the TGIF Network and start up a conversation (Notice I did not use QSO).

Hope to hear you on Triangle NC soon.

Active Talk Groups

Here is a list of the active Talkgroups currently on the Triangle NC Server.  Check this list often as this list is growing based on what our Members want access to.  Need a TalkGroup added?  Contact Rich (KD7LMN) and he will get it activated for you.

  • 31371 (Triangle NC)
  • 9 (TAC)
  • 31010 (Alabama Link)
  • 3101 (Alabama Statewide)
  • 3167 (Allstar)
  • 31374 (Carolina Link)
  • 311342 (Columbus, GA)
  • 3109 (Connecticut Statewide)
  • 31619 (CRTS)
  • 31630 (DMR Stem)
  • 3112 (Florida Statewide)
  • 31676 (K4KSA Allstar)
  • 311307 (Kingsland, GA)
  • 31663 (Live PD)
  • 3123 (Maine Statewide)
  • 31665 (Mental Ward)
  • 3137 (North Carolina Statewide)
  • 93 (North America)
  • 3141 (Oregon Statewide)
  • 9998 (Parrot)
  • 31672 (Pi-Star Chat)
  • 31428 (RF-IT)
  • 31652 (RVing Hams)
  • 310 (TAC 310)
  • 311 (TAC 311)
  • 312 (TAC 312)
  • 313 (TAC 313)
  • 314 (TAC 314)
  • 315 (TAC 315)
  • 316 (TAC 316)
  • 317 (TAC 317)
  • 318 (TAC 318)
  • 319 (TAC 319)
  • 442 (TGIF Carolina 440 Group)
  • 31123 (Treasure Coast FL)
  • 31427 (Tri-County)
  • 31360 (Tri-State)
  • 3100 (USA)
  • 31655 (Venture Overland)
  • 3153 (Washington Statewide)
  • 31122 (WC Florida)
  • 91 (World Wide)