For Your Enjoyment

Feel like you are missing something?  We have taken the time to record some of the audio you missed on Triangle NC.  Feel free to listen to what you missed.  A Word of warning, some of the audio records you will hear are not for the faint of heart, some of the records contain language that is not suitable for younger listeners…..You have been Warned!!!

Keith is Jealous of Roger Roger

In this audio clip learn why Keith is Jealous of Roger Roger.

Fat man pays with hotspots – 6/17/19

Keith lets us know what happens when a Fat man tries to pay for a meal with a HotSpot.

Lubrication – 6/14/19

Keith and Phil talk about Lubrication and the many uses.

The Boston Strap and Emergency Communications – 6/14/19

Keith and Phil continue on with their conversation, but move the topic to the Boston Strap and Emergency Communications.

The Birth of TGIF T.I.T – 6/14/19

For the real gem, hear the Birth of the TGIF T.I.T.

Part 97 – What the Rule Really says – 6/13/19

Keith got fired up on Part 97 and what the rules really say, not what some HAMs thinks it says.

Emergency Communications – 6/13/19

Once Keith was done with Part 97, he moved on to Emergency Communications

Humansupials – 6/12/2019

Not only do we like to make fun of each other, we like to invent new words.  Here is how the word Humansupials was invented and what it is.

The Roach Impression – 6/12/2019

Here is Keith’s impression of the Roach.  Don’t know what the Roach is?  You will have to tune into the Triangle NC.