Triangle NC MegaSpot Challenge Rules


  1. This is an individual Challenge, not a group or organizational challenge.  Participants must do all the research and building of the MegaSpot, as defined below, on their own, with no outside help.
  2. Participants are not allowed to ask for help, or ask questions in any form on any social media, website or over the air.
  3. There is no time frame the MegaSpot has to be completed by.  You may take as long as you like.
  4. A MegaSpot is defined as: A simplex Hotspot powered by a Amateur Transceiver or Commercial transceiver operating on the legal Amateur Radio Band.  The Transceiver will be interfaced using a MMDVM board and will use a single board computer such as the Raspberry PI.  The Raspberry PI will use the Pi-Star software, or the MMDVM Host software running on any Operating System of your choice.
  5. Once built, the MegaSpot must be tested to ensure it is working correctly and not causing any type of interference.
  6. When you have completed the Challenge and are ready to turn in your project you must connect to the Triangle NC Talkgroup using any of the following methods: DMR, YSF, NXDN or P25.  Once you have connected to the Talkgroup you must make contact with one of the following people: Rich (KD7LMN), Keith (N1FTE) or Mark (W4ITG).  You will have a short QSO and they will verify that your MegaSpot is working correctly.
  7. Once you have made a contact with one of the operators in section 6 you will submit a picture of your MegaSpot to
  8. The most important rule of this challenge is Rule 9.  In time of frustration and confusion be sure to read and understand Rule 9.
  9. Have Fun!